What Is Liver Cirrhosis? Symptoms, Diagnosis, Causes And Treatment

How to prevent liver cirrhosis?

The best way to prevent liver cirrhosis is to avoid the underlying triggering factors and conditions. Here’re some of the handy tips.

  • Avoid risky behaviors like unprotected sex, alcohol abuse, and IV drug abuse.
  • Know the risk factors that can lead to hepatitis B and hepatitis C, and avoid them as much as possible.
  • Drink alcohol in moderation
  • Adopt healthy habits and behaviors. Quit smoking. Eat a healthy diet, keep your weight within a healthy range, and get plenty of physical exercise and rest.
  • Talk to your dietitian or physician before taking vitamin supplements. Large doses of supplements can worsen liver damage, particularly vitamin A, iron, or copper.
  • Hepatitis B immunizations are available for people at high risk of contracting the disease such as health care workers. Of note, there’s no effective vaccination against hepatitis C.

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