What Is Liver Cirrhosis? Symptoms, Diagnosis, Causes And Treatment

What Is Liver Cirrhosis?

Cirrhosis is a liver condition that causes permanent scarring of the liver. In this condition, the scar tissue replaces healthy liver tissue and prevents the normal functioning of your liver.

Scar tissue also blocks blood circulation through your liver. As the cirrhosis worsens, the liver continues to fail.

Most people don’t know they have cirrhosis, as they may have no apparent or specific signs or symptoms until their liver tissue is severely damaged.

What are the early signs of liver cirrhosis?

When liver damage starts, the body can no longer protect itself against harmful chemicals and toxins. The body stops digesting food, removing impurities, extracting toxins from the blood, and taking nutrients to where they need to go.

Certain signs of early damage to the liver include:

  • Irregular sleep
  • Fluctuating energy levels
  • Eyes and skin developing a yellowish tint
  • The impact of caffeine becomes acute
  • The appearance of the skin conditions such as itching, eczema, and psoriasis
  • Flushing and hot sensations from the trunk rising up to the neck and head
  • Experiencing severe side effects of common medications like ibuprofen and paracetamol.
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