Best Famous Superfoods To Jumpstart Weight Loss

Each food has several different nutrients and can have different effects on your hunger, the number of calories you burn and the production of hormones.

Following are the 20 best weight-loss-friendly superfoods that are strongly backed by science and proven to help reduce weight loss quickly.

1- Whole Eggs

Whole eggs were once feared for being rich in cholesterol, however, they are now making a strong comeback.

It’s true that a high intake of eggs is associated with raised levels of cholesterol and bad LDL in some people, recent studies have found that they are the best option to eat if you are looking for weight-loss-friendly foods. Whole eggs are very satiating due to their rich fat and protein content.

According to one study conducted on 30 overweight women demonstrated that eating more than one egg for breakfast not only provide a sufficient amount of fats and proteins but also increase feelings of fullness. It made participants consume less food for the next one and a half day.

Another eight-week clinical trial showed that compared to bagels, eating eggs for breakfast accelerates weight loss when combined with a calorie restricted diet.

Whole eggs are also nutrient dense and can provide all the nutrients your body needs. Of note, almost all the healthy nutrients (fats and proteins) are found in the yolks.


Eggs are very satiating and packed full of nutrients. Compared to other breakfast meals such as bagels (refined carbs), eggs have the ability to suppress appetite for 24 to 36 hours and may even help weight loss.

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