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Online security is not only essential for you. It is also important for us, and we take care of your personal information with the utmost respect. We do collect some information from your browser and may request personal information from you in some cases, and we keep it safe in our databases if you ever choose to give it away for us.

Your browser and computer data are used for statistical purposes to understand user experience and how users navigate our site. Your personal information is only collected when you give express access to it and usually used to include you in our newsletter or for marketing purposes. We won’t ever sell your personal information or browser data to a third party, and it will only be used as we state in our privacy policy.

It doesn’t matter where you live; the privacy protection you can get from us is the same as that offered by most safe webs on the Internet. Still, it is not possible to offer a 100% guarantee of your safety while visiting our web. That’s why we always encourage our readers to use their own judgment and precautions while browsing our web and other sites on the Internet.

If you keep on browsing, you automatically agree to all of the details expressed in the short summary and the extended version of this privacy policy statement. You also agree to any further change that is made in this privacy policy statement in the future. Thus, if you’re worried about your privacy, we encourage you to visit this page frequently to ensure that you’re updated with the last modifications and agree to our terms.


Long version is an informative web written for educational purposes only and currently operating under the website address By using our services and reading our articles, you automatically agree to all of our privacy policy statements without exception.

On this page, our team has prepared all of the relevant information to let you know what happens with your personal information, what data we collect from you automatically, what would you expect from us, and how our privacy policy deals with the data we automatically collect from you. would only collect information from you automatically to create useful statistics, understand the location and general data from our users, and identify potential ways to improve the way our site works. This data is important to improve the user experience in and how we offer our services to readers and users.

If you continue browsing, you automatically agree to the privacy policy statements hereby expressed, allowing us to collect information automatically from each one of your visits in different ways and following these policies.

How is your information collected and used by is an informative website meant for educational purposes, and you can access our articles without providing any of your personal data in return. You don’t need to give out your name, email, or any other form of personal identity to access our site. However, in certain moments you may be prompted to provide your email and similar data that will only be used to contact you or provide you with additional information delivered to your email.

Whenever we ask for personal data from you, it will be limited to your name and email for the only purpose of serving a newsletter or any other future divulgation method of health-related information or any other marketing content we consider relevant for you. We are currently not asking for billing information, payment card number or methods, or billing address, but in the future, we may change this as we expand our services for you. If that’s the case, we will use a safe-buy page to protect your personal data and your billing information from malicious users.

Other information can be collected from you automatically and without letting you know. This includes information from your computer, your browser, your IP address, and other internet-related data. These are collected each time you visit our site, and for every page, you visit and is known as log data. This type of information is mostly anonymous because it does not give out any personal information. Still, log data can track your activity online and your behavior as you browse our site. Log data includes date and time of your visits to our site, the time you spend in each article or page on our site, your IP address, and your cookies. They will all be displayed in statistics without a name or address with the only objective of improving your experience and that of other users in our site. We may and will use third-party companies to analyze log data. More specifically, we will use Google Analytics, a useful tool to collect, monitor, and organize log data in a variety of graphs.

On the other hand, personal information and contact information will not be sold to third-parties. If we ever prompt you to create an account on our site, it will be for the purpose of offering more personal communications and a more intuitive service. In the case of newsletters, you will be allowed to unsubscribe from our mailing lists if you ever want to stop receiving emails from us.

Additional to the above, we may use any log information or personal information collected in our site to promote new developments for our site. It is also possible that governmental agencies, police forces, and other internet authorities ask for personal information to improve internet security, investigate international law violations, and detect vulnerabilities or malicious users.

Cookies in

Cookies are very small files stored in your computer after browsing certain webs. They contain anonymous data that helps websites to understand your browsing experience. These cookies collect information from your behavior online and your preferences based on the type of websites you visit. This is all anonymous and won’t represent a breach to your security online. uses cookies to study user behaviors and improve user experience as you browse our site.

If you do not agree with cookies being stored in your computer, you can access the settings of your browser and refuse cookie storage. After doing this, you will stop receiving all types of cookies from and any other site that stores cookies into your hard drive. Still, it is important to note that not accepting cookies may lead to a change in your experience in our site as you may have only limited access to some of the written information displayed in our site. Some parts of the educational experience in may be limited to those users who accept cookies, and you are only accepting them according to the terms of this privacy policy statement.

You need to know that cookies won’t be used to track your individual activity online. They won’t be used to disclose your personal information and won’t be sold or offered to any third-party. The only purpose of cookies in is to understand our users’ behaviors as a whole, trying to find patterns that lead to improvements in our website.

Your internet security while browsing

The anonymity of the Internet is one of the reasons why this world is so fascinating for some users. This is particularly important in health-related sites such as, and we know that many users prefer to look up things online as an exploratory step before actually going to the doctor because they feel anxious and sometimes ashamed about their condition. Plus, it is sometimes more secure if you stay anonymous. For all of the above reasons, our team in consider very important to protect your identity and your privacy online.

While you’re browsing, you will be offered the standard internet protection offered by any other site. However, keep in mind that the Internet is sometimes not a safe place, and no site can grant a 100% safe environment. Your safety in part depends on us, but you also need to protect your own privacy and use the Internet safely.

We constantly go through the electronic storage of our information to reduce, detect, and repair any vulnerability. However, this is not a complete guarantee that we won’t experience a security breach. If something unexpected happens, we cannot be held liable. So, always browse the Internet and our site under your own risk.

These Privacy Policy statements may be subject to change

The effective date of these privacy policy statements is November 26, 2020. The statements were written and made available at this date, but that does not mean that will not change. This page can be updated with new privacy policy statements with or without noticing you and at any given time. The information you are reading or just read will be effective until changes are made in the future. Thus, you’re encouraged to revisit this page as much as possible if you’re worried about your privacy and personal security online. Any future modification has a direct and immediate effect after this page is updated. To make it easier for you, we have included an effective date at the beginning of this Privacy Policy statement to notice any change in the first line.

As noted above, if you go on browsing, you’re automatically acknowledging that you went through this page, read all of the privacy policy statements, and agree to them and any modification that is made in the future.

Be sure to communicate with us if you have doubts, concerns, or any comments about our privacy policy statement. It is better to contact us before browsing our web than using our services without understanding or agreeing to one of the statements expressed above. We’re eager to hear from you as it will be an additional way we have to make sure we offer the best user experience and keep you safe as you browse our articles and written information.