20 Early Warning Signs Of Liver Damage You should Never Ignore

Dry Eyes or a Dry Mouth:

dry eyes

This symptom is also common in the case of hepatitis C and cirrhosis. These patients feel a dry mouth, and it doesn’t necessarily mean they are dehydrated. They could get a hoarse throat or a scratchy voice, and the gums may start to feel swollen. Remember that tears and saliva protect your mouth and eyes from infections. Thus, if you have these symptoms, it is essential to report this problem to find an appropriate solution


In this article, we have reviewed the most important early signs of liver damage. We have also mentioned several signs and symptoms found in severe cases of cirrhosis. If you have one or more symptoms listed above, remember how important it is to have a complete look at them. Thus, talk to your doctor to find out what is happening to you and rule out liver damage as one of many possibilities.










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