20 Early Warning Signs Of Liver Damage You should Never Ignore

Signs of Liver Damage

The liver is the largest organ in the body and an essential part of our metabolism. What would happen if the liver is gone or damaged? Our metabolism would change dramatically, and extensive damage can be life-threatening.

But the liver is also a mysterious organ because most people don’t know exactly how it works. Thus, most of us are oblivious of what signs to look for in case of liver damage. In this article, we’re making it easier for you and listing the most important early signs of liver damage.

Keep in mind that the following symptoms can be related to liver damage. However, they could also be explained by other causes. Thus, if you’re concerned about them, we recommend talking to your doctor to discover what is happening in your organism.

The most important warning signs of liver damage are as follows:

Itchy Skin:

This symptom is ubiquitous in case of liver damage, especially if you have a condition such as cholestasis, where the bile is not flowing correctly to the gallbladder and into the intestines. There’s a component in bile called bilirubin, which is created after breaking down old red blood cells. Thus, it is a waste product metabolized by the liver, and it should be eliminated through the bile. When liver damage compromises bilirubin flow and elimination, it builds up in the blood and the skin. This waste product should not be in your skin, and it causes chemical reactions that stimulate your nerve terminals. That’s why you start feeling the need to scratch your skin.

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