14 Best Home Remedies For Knee Pain Relief That Really Work

Tai chi:

Tai chi

Another therapy with an Asian perspective is Tai chi, which stands as an option if you’re not a very active individual or have mobility issues.

This type of exercise accounts for physical activity and will not leave you exhausted. According to studies, it does not only improve knee pain symptoms.

Tai chi may even ameliorate mental health problems in patients with a chronic disease.

Medical marijuana:

Medical marijuana

In the medication section, we mentioned that your doctor might prescribe more potent drugs if over-the-counter meds are not working. In some cases, that may include medical marijuana.

However, there’s a recent trend of a cannabis component called CBD. It is legal in many countries and works to relieve inflammation and pain. It comes in extracts, but you can also buy a roll-on application to rub on your knee and obtain better results.

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