How to Lose Weight Fast: 5 Simple And Effective Steps, Based on Science

Physical Activity 3 times a week:

Low carb diet works without vigorous physical activity, but accompanying the goal-oriented exercise regime with the specific diet plan speeds up the weight loss journey.

You can do weight lifting, Cardio, Yoga, Leslie walk, and simple walk. Having only a simple walk in your routine will tone your muscles, shapes your body, and maximizes your metabolism.

Strength training or lifting weights not only boost your fat burning process but also increase the strength of your connective tissues, tendons, and muscles.

Weight lifting sessions also improve your posture and increase bone density by making your bones stronger.

Weight lifting or strength training is not about providing you with bulky muscles, but in fact, it helps you to maintain your weight loss. Doing cardio burns more calories, but studies show that you still burn calories even after hours of weight lifting sessions (1).

Incorporating weight lifting in your routine helps you to promote the fat-free body muscles. In the weight lifting training sessions, we try to engage the lean muscles and avoid them to store more fat.

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