Eggs And Weight Loss: Why Eggs Are A Killer Weight Loss Food

Eggs are one of the nutritious and healthiest foods one can eat. As a key component of a balanced diet, they can provide numerous health benefits. Multiple clinical trials and research suggest that eating eggs can boost metabolism and thus support weight loss. They are packed full of high-quality protein, healthy fats (HDL), and many essential minerals and vitamins.

They also have a few unique properties that make them one of the most weight loss-friendly foods. In this article, we describe why eggs are good for weight loss, how to use them, when and how much to eat them, and how to prepare them.

Why Are Eggs Good For Weight Loss?

The unique composition of eggs makes them a superfood for people who are overweight or obese. Studies have found that they may help promote weight loss for the following reasons:

Eggs are nutritious

Egg yolks are especially nutritious. It also contains several essential nutrients, including:

  • Zeaxanthin and luteinBoth are antioxidants that support healthy eyesight
  • CholineIt is an organic, water-soluble compound that boosts the metabolism, support weight loss and helps with brain development in the fetus
  • Vitamin DAn essential vitamin that plays an important role in promoting bone health and immune function

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