Alzheimer’s disease: Symptoms, stages, causes, and treatments

Middle stage

  • Disorientation: In this stage, patients often get lost in time and place. They could be found wandering in the streets and often feel confused about the date and time.
  • Obsessive thoughts and behaviors: Repeating the same thing repeatedly gives these patients a sense of security. However, this may turn into obsessive and repetitive behavior.
  • Paranoid thoughts: In this stage, patients start feeling threatened by others. They often suspect their family members and caretakers.
  • Hallucinations: When the latter problem worsens, patients may also have hallucinations contributing to their suspicions and paranoid thoughts.
  • Language problems: In this stage, they may start having speech problems. They often make mistakes and use incorrect words.
  • Sleep disturbances: Starting in the middle stage of the disease, patients usually have insomnia and other sleep problems.
  • Frequent mood changes: Their mood start to change more dramatically. They have more profound symptoms of anxiety and depression. Mood swings throughout the day are prevalent.
  • Dependence on daily tasks: At this moment, patients need assistance to complete their daily tasks, especially getting dressed or washing.

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