Alzheimer’s disease: Symptoms, stages, causes, and treatments

Signs and symptoms

We can break down the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease into early disease, middle stage, and late disease.

Early disease

  • Misplacing items: This is one of the earliest symptoms. Patients often forget where they put their personal items. Sometimes they may find them in very unusual places and do not forget how they got there.
  • Forgetting names of objects: They have frequent memory lapses and often forget the name of a given place or object. They could also forget or mistake family names.
  • Forgetting recent events: These patients often have difficulties recalling what they did yesterday or the day before. They may also forget recent conversations.
  • Asking the same question repeatedly: If an Alzheimer’s patient forgot a recent conversation, they would likely repeat the same question over and over again.
  • Difficulties in making decisions: Their cognitive problems make it harder to make a decision and solving problems.
  • Reduction in behavioral flexibility: They are very strict and feel better when following the same routine. These patients feel uncomfortable when doing something new or visiting new places.
  • Mood changes: They could have frequent episodes of anxiety and may increase the frequency of depressive symptoms.

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