Best Famous Superfoods To Jumpstart Weight Loss

22- Oatmeal

Starting your day with a bowl full of oatmeal could also lead to a lower number on the scales.

According to a study involving 47 overweight adults looked at differences in fullness, appetite, and duration of the next meal intake after they ate oatmeal.

After eating oatmeal, people felt less hungry and significantly fuller than after eating regular breakfast. Also, their calorie intake at the next meals was lower after consuming oatmeal in the morning.

The study also compared the weight loss effects by dividing people into two groups – one who ate oatmeal and second with cereal as their breakfast meal. While both meals contained an almost similar amount of calories, the oatmeal provided less sugar, more fiber, and more protein than the cereal.

The researchers concluded that the difference in sugar and fiber, specifically soluble fiber called beta-glucan, was primarily responsible for the weight loss effects.

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