What’s Causing Pain in the Back of My Knee?

Calf strain (gastrocnemius tendonitis)

The soleus and gastrocnemius muscle make up your calf, which is the muscular part of your lower leg. This group of muscles helps you point your toes, bend the knee, and regulate the blood circulation.

Any sport or physical activity that requires you to quickly opt running from a standing position – like squash or tennis — can tear or cause strain of the gastrocnemius or soleus muscle. You will know that you have strained these muscles by the sudden/sharp pain the injury causes in the back of your calf. Common symptoms of the calf strain include:

  • Trouble standing on tiptoe
  • Bruising in the calf
  • Pain and swelling in the calf

Depending on the size of the tear, the pain should subside within a few minutes or hours. Resting, icing the injured area, and elevating the leg will help it heal faster.

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